Experimental Rock

Shankuraj Konwar - Baarta...

Project Baartalaap started in early 2017 as a musical vision of the duo Shankuraj Konwar and Maitrayee Patar. The first album 'Baartalaap' comprised of seven originals written and composed over a span of three years. Lyrically based on finer details of human emotions and framed in indigenous melodies with a touch of electronic and ambient sounds, the songs of this album are inspired by the universal human urge to communicate, talk, touch and love. The founders saw Project Baartalaap as a fluid musical concept that would communicate as a platform for blending diverse forms of art. As a promise of fulfilling such vision, we have collaborated with artful production houses like See/Saw, Yaanus Films, and Renaissance Productions, along with some fine freelance filmmakers, artists and musicians. The team recently released its latest single 'Nilanjana', a fine collab with Yaanus Films that made it to the official selection of the Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival, 2020.

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